Company event entertainment

Started to plan the entertainment for your event? Than you have a choice: you can deal with bands, musicians and performers directly or you can work with a company who can handle all the arrangements for you. Evenses is an entertainment professional. We are a specialized company in event entertainment.

Full-service company in event entertainment

As a full-service company in event entertainment we have the experience and the knowledge that most persons not have. Without experience and guidance, you may spend hours and days searching the Internet to locate the right band, DJ or show. If you plan to hire a musician, band, entertainer or DJ for your party or wedding day, an entertainment and event company is the answer. Evenses is an experienced company in event entertainment. We save your time and frustration.

Customer-friendly company

We are a customer-friendly company. You will never need to worry about musicians, entertainers, photographers or DJ’s not showing up or cancelling at the last minute. If an entertainer is unable to attend due to illness or another reason, we can fill the place of the entertainer with another one with who we work.

We send you the best entertainers

Evenses guarantees you punctuality. Our staff comes early to set up and the entertainers will perform on time. This means your guests don’t need to wait for the show. All our entertainers have a long experience in entertaining at events and parties. We only send you the best entertainers.