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Looking for a psychic reading online, a free psychic chat or a psychic phone reading? At Psychicoraclechat, you will get a professional, honest and accurate psychic reading online from a top rated psychic, psychic medium, fortune-teller or card reader. Our psychic readings online are highly recommended by thousands of customers worldwide.

When you need help or when you have a question about an important life-topic, you can chat or call with a psychic. They have the correct skills to help you and give you an advice. A psychic from Psychicoraclechat will give you an honest, insightful and reliable advice.

psychic reading online

The advantages of psychic readings online

Psychic chats online are becoming more and more popular. More than thousands people already discovered the advantages of psychic readings online. A psychic online chat is:

  • Comfortable
  • Relax
  • From high quality
  • Anonymous
  • Always possible
  • No limited time
  • Cheap


One big advantage of a psychic chat online is that it is comfortable. You don’t need to leave the house to visit the office of a psychic. You can stay at home and chat with the psychic.


A psychic reading online or by phone is more relaxed than visiting a psychic. You have the time to think about the questions you would like to ask to the psychic. You can chat about certain topics that you would normally not talk about.

High quality

Psychicoraclechat selected their psychics and medium very carefully. They are selected on their high skills and they give online readings from a high quality. You can be sure you are dealing with real psychics and mediums. They dedicated their life to help others and are willing to help you and are specialized in many topics.


An online reading is more anonymous than an offline meeting with a psychic. You don’t need to tell your real name or age and you don’t need to show a picture. You can stay as anonymous as you want.

Always possible

A genuine website, like Psychicoraclechat, is always available, 24/7. This means it’s always possible to chat with a psychic or medium. You can contact one if you feel the need to talk about some issue.

No limited time

An online reading at Psychicoraclechat has no limited time. You decide when the chat starts and ends. You can stop the session when you want to. After the session, you can always read the answers back the psychic gave you.


A psychic reading online is cheap. It is even possible to receive a free psychic reading. Some of our accurate psychics and mediums offer readings for free. During these free readings, the psychic shows you more about his or her skills. Interested in a free reading? Than visit one of our free psychic chatrooms.

Another way to receive a free psychic reading is by validating your creditcard. After the validation, you receive 9,99 free credits for a 10-minute chat online.

Answers and insights

A psychic reading online or by phone gives you answers and insights about a topic or problem you are dealing with. Our psychics and mediums are specialized in many topics, like work, marriage, love, family, financed, health, spirituality and love. You can ask a psychic or medium questions like:

Should I quit my job?

Am I making the right choice?

How I can achieve my goals?

Is this relationship right for me?

Are my passed loved ones okay?

What is the purpose of my life?

Psychicoraclechat works with more than hundreds psychics, tarot readers, mediums, numerologists and astrologers. You will always find the psychic or medium or your choice.

See the psychic via a live video chat

During a psychic reading online, you will see the psychic via a live video chat. This gives you a comfortable and trustable feeling. You know with whom you a talking and you can chat with the psychic in your native language. We are not online working with English professionals, but also French, German, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian psychics and mediums.

Receive a free psychic reading online

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