Me and my motorcycle

I have had my BMW motorcycle for over 30 years now. Although I’m not as young as I was when I bought it, my long hair doesn’t come out from under my helmet anymore and I now have a motorcycle jacket without fringes under the arm, I still enjoy riding it. We have been through a lot, me and my motorcycle. I used to ride it into the woods, take it on a vacation to Greece, and used it to drop my daughter of at school. I used it for my daily commute to work, and even for groceries. It was a large part of my adult life. But after 30 years together, my BMW gave up. The engine doesn’t start anymore and replacing the parts is to expensive. That is why it is time to look for a new motorcycle.

Looking for a new one

After driving a BMW for over 30 years, I figured it was time to try something new. I always dreamed of owning a Harley (I mean, who doesn’t?) so that is where I started my search. But as it turned out, I unfortunately still don’t have enough money to afford a Harley Davidson. Or so I thought. That was before I started to think about motorcycle import. At first, I did not consider the option of buying a motorcycle abroad. I thought I could never afford the import and shipping costs. But then I discovered that you can also import with the help from a motorcycle trader. They can import the motorcycle for you, and make sure that the import and shipping costs are reasonable. I went to a motorcycle trader in my area and together, we figured out the options. With their help, I was able to buy a very reasonably priced Harley Davidson. It is an older model, but it is still in a perfect condition (just like me). Even with the import and shipping costs, it was cheaper than buying a new model here.

Hitting the road

So now here I am, living my dream and riding my very own Harley Davidson. I use it for my daily commute, groceries, but not just that. My new motorcycle gives me the energy to make more trips with it. Last weekend, I took it to the German mountains for a nice two-day trip. And this summer, I am going back to Greece. Just me, my tent and my own Harley Davidson.