Register company in Netherlands

Are you searching for the right professional to register company in Netherlands? We from “setup your Dutch company” are able to provide all the information and requirements needed for register your Dutch company. One of the most common legal forms is the Dutch LLC, called ‘Besloten Vennootschap” (BV) in Dutch.               Since October 2012 the law for starting a company in the Netherlands has changed and offers nowadays a lot of advantages for new Dutch business owners. For example, you can choose the number of founders for your company, which can be either companies or individuals. Also, you can have one shareholder that also is the director of the company.

There are only a few requirements; the founder of the company needs to deal out one share with a voting right. Another requirement for having a BV company formation in the Netherlands, is to have a registered address in the Netherlands. Also, the articles of association and a deed of incorporation must be drafted before a public notary.

Only these few requirements are needed to setup your Dutch company. The specialists from setup your Dutch company are happy to register company in Netherlands within only a few working days. Please contact us for more information.