Used Generator sets

Used generator sets

At Pools Trading, you can find used generator sets of high quality. There are many kinds of high-performance brands such as Baudouin, Stamford, Detroit and more. They pride themselves on providing service to those who highly depend on a continuous source of power. Having been in business for over 25 years, Pool Trading has a vast amount of experience dealing with generators as well as other industrial sets. They deal with both local and international customers. Therefore, you can place your order regardless of where your location. In this article, we make reviews of used generator sets provided by Pools Trading. We discuss in detail the product description and quality.

Used generator sets

Products list and description

Pools Trading present the available stock of used generators in real-time. They categorize these sets according to the name of the brand, the power output and RPM. To find more specific information concerning the product, you need to click on the product. You will learn about the general condition, the status, serial number, year of manufacture, Voltage etc. There is a photo for each product that displays the outlook. They have either industrial or marine types of generators. An experienced sales team is present to help you with any technical inquiry. It is essential to mention that a vast range of brands allows customers to choose the product that best matches their preferences. Also, different brands have different specifics. Some brands provide less than 300 HP, while others can offer more than 1000 HP.

Product quality

Pools Trading values high-quality products. They ensure the status of each product is good. They do this by making a full check on the products. Any fault noticed is quickly repaired before presenting the product for sale. You can contact Pool Trading and get a response within 24 hours.